Step 6 - Different Strums

Why do your songs not sound quiet the same as the other ones ? oh might be the strum! The strum can be the heart and soul of a great song, it can really change how a song can sound!

You may google to find more strums, and there are a few 'usual' ones that are used. However when it comes to strums, feel free to ad-lib and invent your own!

One of the most important things about strumming is to keep it in time. Playing a ukulele often has no drum to accompany, and the strum can easily make up and replace that.

Strums are usually noted as a / for a down strum. You may see a song which has a  / / / / above the words, meaning just 4 straight strums. More commonly you will see them written down as D for Down, and U for Up.

Here are a few more common ones.
You can hear a couple of these over at .

If you check YouTube , you can often see and hear different strums, practice and replicate. You will no doubt find "your" strum, but be wary of getting stuck on the one strum!

Here are a couple more interesting strums.

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